Hi, I'm Steve Guttbinder, a Full Stack Software Developer from Oakland, CA.

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Full Stack Engineering Projects

GoodGames - Steve Guttbinder - App Academy


GoodGames is a clone of GoodReads that focuses on surfacing the most popular video games to play.

Live Link | GitHub

Niffler Bank - Steve Guttbinder - App Academy

Niffler Bank

NifflerBank is a clone of Splitwise, a popular cost-sharing site.

Niffler aims to calculate group expenses and settle debts - in the currency of the Harry Potter world! (Galleons, Sickles, Knuts)

Live Link | GitHub

Don't Forget The Code - Steve Guttbinder - App Academy

Don't Forget The Code

Don't Forget The Code is a simple full stack to-do app based off of remember the milk.

Don't Forget The Code was created in one week as a solo project during my time at App Academy.

Live Link | GitHub

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