Steve Guttbinder

Full Stack Software Engineer & Former Presentation Designer Laser focused on creative team collaboration and effective workflow

After an exciting and successful 16 year career of doing high end presentations for the biggest companies in the world, it's time for my next chapter. For almost the past two decades I've helped tell stories for some of the biggest brands in the world and I decided it's time to switch gears and start making the apps that I've always made shine. I hope you enjoy what you see here!


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Full Stack Engineering Projects

GoodGames - Steve Guttbinder - App Academy


GoodGames is a clone of GoodReads that focuses on surfacing the most popular video games to play.

Live Link | GitHub

Niffler Bank - Steve Guttbinder - App Academy

Niffler Bank

NifflerBank is a clone of Splitwise, a popular cost-sharing site.

Niffler aims to calculate group expenses and settle debts - in the currency of the Harry Potter world! (Galleons, Sickles, Knuts)

Live Link | GitHub

Don't Forget The Code - Steve Guttbinder - App Academy

Don't Forget The Code

Don't Forget The Code is a simple full stack to-do app based off of remember the milk.

Don't Forget The Code was created in one week as a solo project during my time at App Academy.

Live Link | GitHub

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