Presentation Design

After an exciting and successful 16 year career of doing high end presentations for the biggest companies in the world, it's time for my next chapter. For almost the past two decades I've helped tell stories for some of the biggest brands in the world and I decided it's time to switch gears and start making the apps that I've always made shine. Enjoy what you see here and feel free to reach out if you'd like any vetted referrals!

I'm a Bay Area-based presentation designer and strategist with a Gold Rush approach – and a gold-star record to show for it. I've created presentations shared with crowds of thousands, and livestreamed to millions. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours saved from our workshops. Did I mention I've helped win over $1 billion in revenue for my clients?

To me, the ‘gold rush’ mindset is about leaving the comfort of what you know to explore new ground. To push boundaries you may have (unknowingly) set for yourself or for your company. To take the right risks for the chance to strike gold – whatever your gold may be.